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Scone Estates is a 400-year-old family business situated in the heart of rural Perthshire. The Estates stretch from fertile arable land by the banks of the River Tay at Scone, to the rolling hills of North Logiealmond.

A forward-thinking diversified Rural Business, the Estates comprise Farming, Forestry, Fishing, Property and Tourism enterprises. Owned and operated by the Earl of Mansfield and family, the main visitor attraction is the historic Scone Palace and Gardens, best-known as the crowning place of Scottish Kings and attracting 120,000 visitors annually.


The Mansfield family are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural, cultural, and economic and social environment of the Estates. Continued investment in the fabric of the business, an increasing focus on some of the wider influences such as the global Carbon agenda and its impacts, and interactions with our communities are shaping the future strategy.


Please note that any comments made to Scone Estates on consultations, are not representations to the planning authority. Upon submission of any planning application, there will be an opportunity to make formal representation to the planning authority.