About Scone Estates

About Scone Estates

Scone Estates is a 400-year-old family business situated in the heart of rural Perthshire. The Estates stretch from fertile arable land by the banks of the River Tay at Scone, to the rolling hills of North Logiealmond.

A forward-thinking diversified Rural Business, the Estates is comprised of Farming, Forestry, Fishing, Property, and Tourism enterprises.

Owned and operated by the Earl of Mansfield and family, the main visitor attraction is the historic Scone Palace and Gardens, best-known as the crowning place of Scottish Kings and attracting 120,000 visitors annually. The Estate extends to over 18,000 acres with a mix of in-hand farming operations and Tenant farmers.

In terms of the in-hand operations:

  • Agriculture – 5000 acres of land are farmed in-hand. The gently rolling landscape around Scone Palace provides fertile ground for the growing of arable crops, such as spring barley for making Scotch whisky, winter wheat for livestock feed, oilseed rape, along with various other crops grown for human consumption including vining peas, potatoes, and swede turnips. The lands west of the river Tay providing forage used for livestock production.
  • Forestry – Scone Palace has 1,570hectares of woodlands, comprising of 58% conifers, 32% broadleaves and 10% open ground. The woodlands have a long history of commercial management dating back over 400 years.
  • Property – (residential and commercial) Scone Estates offer a number of rural and commercial properties for rental. These properties are mostly situated in rural locations, with easy access to the City of Perth.
  • Sporting – The Estate offers a range of outdoor activities including access to the River Tay for salmon fishing and some of the best pheasant shooting in Perthshire, we also offer deer stalking.
  • Tourism – In a normal year, Scone Palace would welcome over 120,000 visitors, both from home and abroad. We also host several high profile events annually such as the Scottish Game Fair and Rewind music Festival.

The Mansfield family are committed to protecting and enhancing the natural, cultural, social and economic environment of the Estate. Continued investment in the fabric of the business and an increasing focus on some of the wider national and global influences such as the global carbon crisis, Scotland becoming a Net Zero society by 2045, community engagement, Agro-Forestry, to name a few, are all shaping the future Estate strategy.

  • The estates are committed to rolling out a programme of engagement with its communities over time and is refining how we will work with the communities on or adjacent to the land we manage.
  • The Estates endeavour to meet best practice standards of the Scottish Government Guidelines and the Scottish Land Commission Protocols for Community Engagement.
  • The consultation for the proposed woodland creation project at North Logiealmond pre-dates aims to meet the spirit of the guidelines and protocols listed above.