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The Consultation for proposed woodland creation at North Logiealmond has now closed. Our thanks to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback which we are now be reviewing. Within the next 4 weeks we will respond directly to everyone who commented.

Updates regarding the proposals will be posted from time to time on this web site, so please look out for those in the weeks ahead.

Draft Woodland Creation Proposal

  • The identification of woodland creation as an alternative land use to agriculture, and the areas identified for it, arose following a strategic review of the estate’s land management enterprises in 2017.
  • The principle landuse at North Logiealmond is sheep farming, with seasonal deer stalking providing a modest secondary income.
  • The farming enterprise is managed under a contract farming agreement, encompassing an area of 2,170 ha supporting 1,500 breeding ewes.
  • Managed by 1 full time farming family
  • Initially the majority of the contract farming area was assessed for woodland creation potential, but following early consultation with the farmer, the east end of the property was deemed the preferred area, with farming operations continuing over the bulk of the remaining landholding

Woodland creation objectives The primary objectives are:

  • The establishment of productive and native woodland
  • The protection and enhancement of biodiversity values, through the expansion of the forest habitat networks and the retention of areas of conservation value as open ground
  • Secondary objectives are:
  • Mitigation for climate change through woodland expansion on a significant scale
  • The diversification of the landscape through the creation of a sensitively designed woodland reflecting the local topography, and addressing identified landscape issues
  • To protect identified archaeological interest

Proposed woodland creation area

  • The proposed application site extends to 569.68 ha of land, comprising 343.04 ha of new woodland and 226.64 ha of other land (comprising 10.85 ha existing woodland, agricultural enclosures 88.97 ha, 15.81 ha deep peat, 9.37 ha restock planting and 101.54 ha open hill ground).The proposed woodland creation breakdown is summarised below:
  • Sitka spruce – 108.59 ha
  • Norway spruce, productive Scots pine and Fir species – 62.92 ha
  • Native Scots Pine – 80.14 ha
  • Native Upland Birch – 20.51 ha
  • Native Broadleaves – 30.44 ha
  • Open land within woodland design – 40.44 Ha
2060 – Visualisation: 3D Model