Guildtown Community Engagement

Guildtown Community Engagement

Scone Estates is currently undertaking an engagement exercise with the community of Guildtown in Perthshire. 

Perth and Kinross Council will soon begin reviewing its Local Development Plan(LDP). The next LDP will plan for the future of communities throughout the area for the next 10 years and beyond. 

In preparation for this LDP review, Scone Estate is assessing how its land might contribute to the future of the villages which are within or adjacent to land owned by the Estate. 

 The Estate is aware that once the Cross Tay Link Road is in place this may open new opportunities for Guildtown and surrounding areas and we would like to discuss with the community, what this might mean for the village. Scone Estate would like to also consult with the community of Guildtown over the use of Estate land adjacent to the village to the west. Scone has an area of land which is already within the settlement boundary and could be brought forward but Scone considers that it would be better to look at the wider area and see what might be needed in the longer term.

Scone is aware that there has been a new development to the north and east relatively recently, and a new development is going ahead to the east.

The Estate would like to discuss with the community what the possible future needs of the village might be.

As a first step, on 22 February Scone met with  representatives from groups active in the village, in order to discuss how best to consult with the whole village. 

Scone then hosted a series of event sessions in Guildtown on Tuesday 14 June 2022 looking at a range of topics relating to the future of the village. This was very useful day and Scone estate is very grateful to all who attended for their time and interest.

Future events will be planned in discussion with the Guildtown Contact Group. This is a group made up of representatives from each of the Guildtown organisations:

  • Flutterby Community Group
  • Bloom Community Group
  • Biodiversity Community Group
  • Friendship Community Group
  • Hall & Playing Fields Association (Community Group)
  • Two School Parents from the Parent Council
  • Local Residents
  • Football Club
  • Anglers
  • Garage
  • Guildtown Development Group


Information about any events and the whole process will be available at various times in the following locations: 

  • Village Noticeboard on Main Road
  • Scone Estate Website:
  • Guildtown Website:
  • “Guildtown Noticeboard” Facebook page
  • Email queries to

The document/plans below provide some context to the village of Guildtown and were used to brief the community in June 2022.

The link below will take you to the Perth Transport Futures webpage which contains information about the Cross Tay Link Road and a “fly through” animation of how it will look and feel giving some sense of the changes this will bring to the area of Perthshire east and north of the Tay including Guildtown: