North Logiealmond Woodland Creation

June 2023 update for proposed woodland creation scheme at North Logiealmond

Following an initial consultation hosted on these pages in 2020 (archived here) and the valuable feedback received from that exercise, we have been working closely with the planning authority (Scottish Forestry), Nature Scotland and RSPB to design a revised afforestation scheme.

The revised scheme was submitted to Scottish Forestry for assessment against the Forestry (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 in early autumn 2022. A copy of the Screening Opinion Request can be found here.

Scottish Forestry responded on the 17th of November 2022 advising that they are required to provide a Screening Opinion under the above Regulations as to whether the work we are proposing is an EIA project and will require EIA consent.

Scottish Forestry have confirmed that the afforestation scheme we propose will not require EIA consent. Their very detailed response can be found here.

Current Position

The revised scheme has now been placed on the for a period of 28 days as the final step in the formal consultation process

Please make any representations to

Please note that any comments made to Scone Estates, are not representations to the planning authority.

Thereafter any material matters raised by consultees, will be considered by Scottish Forestry and discussed with Scone Estates if appropriate.