Draft Woodland Creation Proposal

Revised Woodland Creation Proposal

Woodland creation objectives

Primary Objectives:

  • The establishment of productive and native woodland
  • The protection and enhancement of biodiversity values, through the expansion of the forest habitat networks and the retention of areas of conservation value as open groundSecondary objectives:
  • Mitigation for climate change through woodland expansion
  • The diversification of the landscape through the creation of a sensitively designed woodland reflecting the local topography, and addressing identified landscape issues
  • To protect identified archaeological interest

Revised woodland creation proposals

  • The revised application area still extends over 569.68 ha of land, but now comprises a smaller area of new woodland at 249.13 ha along with 307.25 ha of other land, including existing woodland, areas of peat, open habitats within the woodland design and grazing lands which will be actively managed wader habitat.

The revised woodland creation for 2023, is summarised in the table below alongside the 2020 proposal for comparison: