Long Term Forest Plan Renewal 2023 to 2032

Long Term Forest Plan Renewal 2023 to 2032

Scone Estates Long term Forest Plan (LTFP) is being renewed. This summary provides an overview of the Estate, its woodlands and the range of issues that will be taken into consideration in the development of the LTFP.

An LTFP is a 20-year strategic management plan that brings together the management objectives, the environmental, economic, and social functions and the silvicultural prescriptions into a comprehensive plan to deliver long-term benefits through sustainable forest management.

Please refer to the appended Concept maps for high-level detail of the proposed management activity.

Scoping process

The main purpose of the scoping process is to explain the Estate’s objectives and plans to stakeholders, neighbours and third parties interested in the proposals and for the estate to take account of their views.

Scoping provides the opportunity to identify key issues that should be included within the design process, with consulted parties providing details of any sensitivities or information which the Estate may not be aware of.

Scoping is an informative process that helps to identify the key factors that should be included within the LTFP. It seeks to avoid any unexpected issues arising during the later formal consultation phase.

It is important that the Estate engages local and neighbouring interests in relation to our plan and that wherever possible, we seek to agree a balance between any constraints/concerns and the Estate’s objectives.